Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year

A Happy New Year to anyone reading this. I have the bonus of an extra day off work courtesy of the snow and I've taken the day to update all my web sites, blogs, chat forums and emails. Back to work tomorrow for a rest.
I've not posted in a long while as I've been busy with the wargames club and the website. We've increased the number of games played and the regularity of our meetings, so keeping up to date is hard work. The games must come first though, therefore the web posts have taken a back seat. I've also added a chat forum to the website so we'll see how that goes.
http://chat.manxwargames.co.uk/ Feel free to join in the discussions and add you own comments.
The main club site remains and is updated as soon after each game as I can manage, usually at least every fortnight with plenty of photos. http://www.manxwargames.co.uk/