Monday, July 2, 2012

Dark Age Project 2
I have been steadily working on the units for my Dark Age forces. Most of the armies are now painted and based and the older figures reorganised and based to fit in with the new units. I've decided to move away from the Warhammer Ancient Battles (WAB) rules and try out the Hail Caesar rules.
I have used the Black Powder rules so a number of the systems are familiar especially the command and control. So far they have proved to cover the period well with enough differences in the troop types to cover what I want. There was one game where the c&c rules did prove a disaster but this was not helped by the commander's lack of understanding of the rules or maybe just poor generalship.
Below are some of the Saxon units which can be used in a number of armies as they are, or perhaps with replacement command stands. Most of the banners I'm using are from Little Big Man Studios as are most of the shield transfers. Other banners I've made using artwork found on the internet or from other manufacturers.

I'll post some photos of the other armies shortly.