Sunday, November 21, 2010


I've recently decided to start colecting some pirates and their ships in 28mm for club skirmish games. I hope to post some of the highs and lows of this project on here so keep watching.
Currently I've some ebay auctions ongoing for a couple of ships and some foundry figures.

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  1. Just as an update. I now have three Mega Bloks ships ready for conversion. The Black Pearl which will make a nice brig, the Stormchaser and the Pirate Quest ship (basically the same ship) which will make sloops. These are nice and large so will suit ship-to-ship & boarding actions as well as acting as the base ship for run ashore type scenarios.
    Conversions will have to wait until the New Year as I have a project currently on the go but nearing completion.
    I also have pirates from Foundry & Musketeer Miniatures "Heroes" range a well as a few GW Mordheim figures I've converted.
    Photos will follow as the project progresses.